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Image Consultant

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Image Consulting for Professionals

As an image consultant, I provide confidential consultations to help individuals select the hair color and style, makeup, and clothing that suits them best. My services include
  • body analysis and techniques to assist in camouflaging figure challenges
  • color charting, because the way colors work with your skin tones can make the difference between looking good and looking great
  • personalized shopping, which saves you time and money and ensures that your closet is not cluttered with unmatchable, unwearable items
In working with clients, I have seen people who are held back by their inability to see the beauty within. As an image consultant, my purpose is to ensure that your inner beauty is reflected in your outward appearance.

Barb Wilson: Image Consultant

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Let the world see you as you want to be seen — and develop a better appreciation of yourself. I can help you
  • look and feel confident in your individuality and color
  • organize your closet so that dressing is a pleasure
  • create the image you want for your career
  • transform your figure into a more flattering you
  • take the fear out of shopping and put the fun into it through my personal shopping service
I also partner with surgeons to help their patients achieve the transformation they desire.

Can an image consultant help you? Ask yourself a few questions.

I look forward to working with you!       Barb Wilson: Image Consultant

Janet Harding
Miss Washington 2008
Whether I'm on the road or meeting with a sponsor, it is important that I always look my very best. As Miss Washington I represent organizations and charities that are extremely important to me, and making a positive and lasting first impression is often what makes or breaks a successful future business relationship. I would like to believe that after nearly 21 years of dressing myself, I was doing alright. I was doing 'alright,' but why settle for alright when with just a few additional bits of knowledge you can completely transform your wardrobe and the way you feel about yourself when you walk in the door? I never could have guessed that there was so much to this art!

My time with Barb Wilson was not only fun, but incredibly educational. From colors, to fabrics, to patterns and prints, Barb not only told me which choices would be most flattering for me, but taught me how to make the correct choices for myself in the future. I use the things I learned from Barb every time I buy something new for my wardrobe, and found it especially valuable as I chose the items I will wear on the Miss America stage! Her wealth of knowledge and genuine advice are truly priceless.

Thank you Barb from the bottom of my heart, for sharing your valuable advice and helping me learn to project the very best me each and every day.